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Sunday, November 14, 2010

REDEMPTION a Novella By Charles Day & Mark Taylor

I'm relieved to announce that this collaborative Novella is near completion. It has been a long ride getting this together, sharing chapters back and forth with Mark from the UK, but he is done, and I need to do some final edits before we submit to our publisher for consideration.

I'm confident that she will like it and give us the ok. I had so much fun writing this story with Mark, and I found myself getting a bit frightened at times, forcing me to look over my shoulder.

I'll keep everyone informed about her progress. If anyone is the least bit interested in reading a story from me, this is the one. Besides, Mark is a very talented published author and his story connects so well with mine, as you will see!!

A young girl, two drunkards who should have stayed to help her, rats, and more rats. Evil has just become furry!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I've been offered a special fictional Project

I can't release to much information because it's hush-hush for now, but I'm so excited to have been asked to do a special writing project with a small press publisher. I'm hoping that this will be released sometime next spring, but let me tell you, I'm so honored to be a part of this. It will be my biggest writing endeavor to date.

I'll give you more when I'm allowed to share this.

A big shout out to all who have helped me to become a better writer and have supported me through the tough times!! You all know who you are, you so rock!!

More to follow!! Boy, do I love to write fiction. I have truly found my passion in life!!

A special thanks to Charlie in the Box, my inspiration, and my biggest fan!!

"Daddy's Little Secret" has been accepted by Pill Hill Press

I'm so excited about my latest story finding a home with an awesome small press publisher, Pill Hill Press. Jessy marie Roberts is the owner, and she has so many great books and novels coming out with her publishing company.

I'm honored to have my first piece of dark fiction with her in their upcoming Anthology series Dark Things V. It is filled with very talented authors who have had other stories published as well.

I'll keep you updated with this, and will certainly post the cover art when its ready along with the link to purchase this wonderful anthology book full of suspensful thrilling stories.

Pill Hill Press link below. Check out all the wonderful things going on, and come on in and join the forum, it's full of talented writers sharing in the fine craft of writing.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hidden Thoughts Press is open for submissions

Finally, after about a year of getting this together, including some grant money and additional funding, I'm happy to announce that my new Publishing Press is open for submissions.

We plan on getting together some Anthology Books of inspiration and public knowledge, to consumers, professionals and caregivers. They need to know what's really going on.

Visit our forum and find out what's open, and where to submit your true story.

And since my real love is reading and writing dark fiction, rest assured we will eventually open to fiction endeavors as well.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Writing Project Updates

Wow, Christmas will be here before we know it. And my goal is to have all my writing endeavors completed and sent out to my publishers and hopefully a few new ones along the way, before I open gifts and spend 11 days home with my family between christmas and new years.

I'm still waiting to hear from Static Movement publishers for my short story "The Maiden" about an urban legend in a certain Lake that has taken the life of one male a year.

As of today, my short story "The Uninvited" is in the hands of a very talented author and editor
with Library of The Living Dead Press, Bill Tucker, waiting to either be accepted or rejected in his upcoming Anthology, Fearology 2. My story involves some unfortunate teens who decide to go out and party hardy on a friday night in a spook house that has a reputation for sending any group of seniors who try and stay the night, home crying with stains in their underwear. A High School urban legend that has been passed down every year as part of a senior ritual, these teens who venture into this haunted house are in for a rude awakening, as they meet evil in the flesh.

My other short story that was just recently submitted to Pill Hill Press, "Daddy's Little Secret" involves a young girl determined to find out what her Father has hidden the attic. Off limits to everyone, Samantha has tried for years to get in, while her father seems to become more and more reclusive each passing month. One day, she finally finds a way in, and what she finds should have never been brought into her home!!

And finally, "Bret's Lovely Garden" and "Melting Snow" were accepted for publication over the summer and they are just waiting to go to the printers with Wicked East Press and Blood Bound Books publishers, respectively.

As for my most exciting project, "Redemption," a co-authored Novella about a young girl who's killed in a hit and run accident, a bunch of rats, an exterminator who does more than just capturing little critters, and two unfortunate friends who should have never left the poor girl to die, is finally near completion. Mark Taylor, a published author who resides in the UK, has told us the story of Benny Fairwhether, the passenger and Al's only friend, and I have the driver Al Fudrucker, who's just a mean old man his whole life, and soon gets what he deserves. Two separate stories, that both collide at the end!

My Novel "Deep Within" is still under considersation with Pill Hill Press, about two psychiatrists who are on a mission to find out the mysterious deaths of a patient and his family, when they encounter something evil up at the Moose Hill Psychiatric Asylum, something that should have never been born.

My works in progress are as follows:

"Lock Down", a Survivor Horror Novel, about a patient who should have never been admitted to an inpatient Psych Unit. Now the staff and about 10 patients are locked on this fourth floor ward with a person who's about to give them one hell of a ride, straight to the twilight zone!!

"The Gift," a short story about a boy who's been bullied over the last couple of years, but when he receives a special birthday gift from his Father this year, a Jack In The Box, his life is about to get better, and those bullies who've been torturing him, they're going to wish they never messed with poor little Jacob. When finished, it's heading over to a writing contest, with a chance to be published in Shock Totem's Magazine, issue 4. Deadline is Halloween.

I also have a non-fiction endeavor in progress, an "Adult Care workshop Series" which is part of my day job. So no rushing this one!

Am I busy? Yep, just a bit. But I love to read and write dark fiction, it's in my blood.

I'll keep you all posted!! And thank's for considering to read one of my stories, you will not be disappointed!

Charles Day

Aka, Charlie in the Box

Monday, September 27, 2010

REDEMPTION A Novella in Progress

My latest project "Redemption" is in the works with my co-Author Mark Taylor from the UK. We are putting together a Novella combined with two different 20,000 word manuscripts that will inter-relate, with the two main characters subjected to the same horrifying results in the end.

Al Fudrucker and Benny Fairwheather are on their way home from a night of drinking when they accidently hit a poor girl on her bike. She's left to die because Al refuses to stop, fearful of being caught drunk and locked behind bars. However, they made a grave mistake. They should have turned back to help her. Now they will pay the consequences of their actions. Al's story comes first, and then Benny's, in the end it will be the same for both.

We are scheduled to have it completed before the end of the year, with a certain publisher in mind, who we're hoping will be scared out of her socks.

Updates to follow!

"Oh, The Horror" Anthology Book is now available

I'm so excited! Chris Bartholomew's Publishing press Static Movement just made the announcement earlier today that "Oh, The Horror went to print and is now available for purchase at a discounted price until Halloween.

My short story "DEER HEAD" is among the many talented authors who have their short stories in this creepy and exceptional horror anthology. You all know who you are. And I'm even more excited that now I know most of you and I'm ready to read all the great stories, finally.

So grab hold of a copy and be sure to leave your lights on at night after reading!!

Charles Day
Aka Charlie In The Box

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shock Totem "Contest"

I've finished my 1000 word entry in the Shock Totem Flash Fiction Contest that runs for seven days, ending Sept 7th. A locked forum for those who entered by the deadline, we were given a photo and needed to come up with a story that includes what was depicted in the photo. It needs to be the central theme in our stories, in otherwards, if it were to be taken out of your 1000 words, would your story still survive?

I've been chopping away and editing, since my first draft came in 350 words over the max of 1000. I expect to have it polished off and submitted tomorrow.

I"ll keep you posted.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Loving memory of our Dog Candy

Words can only help to heal the pain my family and I are feeling as I strike the keys below. My heart aches, my thoughts are filled with all the memories of my first dog Candy.

It started out as a grand evening, celebrating the arrival of my Daughters 2nd birthday. My wife and I had taken her to friendlys where we enjoyed three scoop sundae's. When we returned to our abode, we were greeted by Candy, wagging her tail, happy to have us back home. Who would ever have thought that within the next couple of hours my sweet Candy would go from a healthy vibrant German Shepard, to a bloated, suffering, animal.

It all began after midnight, the nightmare that will haunt me forever, her life taken from me within hours, by a horrible condition called "Bloat." This @#$%^ thing came without warning. Earlier this eve, I was at my computer writing, my wife and daughter fast asleep in the bedroom together after our birthday bash, and Candy was by my side resting. And then it happened. She stood up and started to vomit a white marshmallowy substance that I've never seen before. I cleaned it up, thinking she was just having another sour stomach attack that has always appeared on occassion, and within a few hours of vomiting up her food, she'd be back to her normal loving self. But not tonight. Something just wasn't right.

I watched my Shepard begin to go from one area to the next, whining, seemingly uncomfortable, and a bit distressed. But this has also occured with her in the past, suffering anxiety attacks for whatever reason, and eventually she would calm down. I always said she was a nervous nilly. Nonetheless, tonight it seemed to progress.

She began pacing back and forth, now howling, a sure sign by me that she was in extreme pain. I tried again to push it off, thinking she was just having a really bad stomach ache. What was I to know, she's been down this road before, to a lesser degree. But when my wife was awaken by her bouts of howling, she feared the worst.

She called out to the Animal Emergency Hospital, a staff member telling her point blank, your dog maybe experiencing bloat, a fatal condition if not attended to immediately. And so we panicked. At this time however, she was outside, after I let her out back because she insisted on going. She was howling out in the dark like an injured wolf, and all I could see as she approached was a stomach that looked distended.

She ran under the stairs and by now, I was unable to retrieve her because she was becoming weaker not wanting to get up, which I later found out by the vet, that this @#$%^ condition takes the dogs insides, specifically their stomach and intestines, and twists them all up. This causes the the air to be blocked, blowing up their stomach so it grabs hold of their attached spleen and rips at it, and then these organs begin to press on the ateries to the brain and heart, causing a drop in blood pressure, which in turn sets the heart up into an arythemmia.

Well, I was done watching her suffer, my wife and I dragged her out from under our stairs outside and brought her back in the house. By now, her sides were pushing out so far she looked like she swallowed a #$%@^ huge ball. Candy then did something I'll never forget, she responded to a final command.

"Candy, let's go for a ride, you always love going for a ride with daddy right." It worked. She stood up, wobbling though, but walked with me out to the car. She jumped in, I started the engine and we were at the Animal Emergency within a few minutes.

I parked, opened the door to the back seat, and there was my sweet precious everything, in laboured breathing, her @#$% stomach even bigger then before. The staff came out and gave me a hand putting her on the gurney, we wheeled her in and the doctor looked at her, grabbed his stethescope and listened. And listened. He then looked over to me and told me the words I just wasn't ready to hear.

"I'm sorry, she's passed," he said.

I just stood there holding her leash, in shock, that this !@#$ condition called bloat, took a healthy
8 year old loving , wouldn't hurt anyone, German Shepard, and snuffed the life out of her in under two hours !@#$ time.

Please, anyone with large breed dogs, google bloating in dogs and do your research. Although it is almost impossible to follow every rule, especially if they are predisposed with this, knowledge is the key to possibly, and I say this liberelly because there is a 70% chance that it could come back again, while your away or sleeping and steal your loved one from under your nose. Being informed is better then getting caught with, well you know. It doesn't hurt to get whatever information you can.

Unfortunately, as I was unaware until having spent three hours in the wee hours before sunrise today googling "Bloat in Dogs," that it's the second leading cause of death in dogs, after Cancer.

Son of a bitch, who would of known.

Rest in peace Candy we all miss you and you'll have a place in my heart until it takes its last beat!!!
Your proud owner and daddy,

Charles Day

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Scratch" didn't make the cut

Oh well, my first rejection email for my latest story. Time to keep my chin up and see where else it may fit.

The Case Of The Missing Pumpkins YA Novel in progress

Hey everyone,

After sending my pitch for "The Case Of The Missing Pumpkins" to a yet to be announced publisher, (keeping it my little secret for now) he thought it sounded like something he may be looking for (currently only 30,000 words) but prefered I bring it up to novel status before consideration, which means I have to go back to the drawing board with this one and add some new plots and stretch it out longer. I'm ok with this because when I wrote this Novella, a young adult mystery/thriller, I just wrote down what my characters wanted to share, never realizing when it would end. And there were some plots I didn't enter at the time.

Now that I have revisited this manuscript, that has sat collecting dust for a year or two, I see that Nick, lead character, would enjoy some more time telling his story, and I have a few new twists I'd like to add, just to give him more detective work to do. And so here I go again, back to Halloween Eve, where all the pumpkins on 14 year old Nick's street have disappeared, taken from porches and steps. Could the mean old lady, Mrs. needlewhitter at the corner house, and her mutt be the culprits? Or possibly the neighborhood bully, Lou and his chronies, who've had it out for poor Nick since the story began. Rest assured, whoever it is, Nick and his desire to be the best detective there is one day, is on a mission to find out. Little does he know however, that Halloween will turn out to be the most terrifiying night for him, when everyone's dressed in costumes, and the real suspect could be one of them lurking about in his neighborhood!!

More on this in the next coming weeks!!

Charles Day

Friday, August 20, 2010

My latest Short Story "Scratch" is finished

Now the painstaking task of editing, rewriting, chopping away, and finally polishing off before sending it out to find a home. I have a few publishers in mind, but must send it out to one at a time, allowing them to read and decide on whether or not it's something they want. My first choice is an anthology book titled "Fearology 2: Beware All Animals Great and Small" with the "Library of Horror Press."

My story "Scratch" is about an aging, mean old man, who despises anything with fur. And these little critters who've decided to nest in his home, have unfortunately found the wrong place to gather their nuts for the harsh winter to come. Or is it their lucky day?

But this mean old man, Al Fudrucker has a past, one that is going to catch up with him, and these critters are going to play a major role.

If you like a good thrill ride down the unknown, then Scratch may be right up your alley. Nonetheless, be forewarned my curious readers, this is not for those who like to go to bed with the night light on.

I'll let you know when it finds a home!!!

Scratch must be told.

Charles Day
Aka Charlie In The Box

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Looking for a writer to share in a Novella

Hey fellow writers,

I'm looking for someone to do a novella, but the submission requirements for this involve having two stories that in some way inter-relate, two separate authors, 20,000 words min for each. I've already been working on my story, but I need a partner. My Publisher, Wicked East Press, is behind this, and there is a deadline. So anyone interested, let me know.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Melting Snow" to be published with Blood Bound Books

Hello all,

This has been a good month for me, finally seeing some of my short stories published in upcoming anthology books. My most recent publication, "Melting Snow" a short story I wrote last month, will soon be available with Blood Bound Book Publishers, in their upcoming anthology book titled "Seasons in the Abyss" where spring, summer, fall, and winter will have stories dedicated to each of these seasons. They are still working on the cover art. But as soon as they have it ready, I'll be sure to post it for you.

Thanks to all who've supported me through all my writing endeavors.

Charles Day
AKA Charlie In The Box

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm so happy to have my short story published with Wicked East Press, in their upcoming anthology book titled "A Cup Of Joe Coffee House Flash Fiction Collection" Edited by Jessica Weiss. My story is "Bret's Lovely Garden." The book has a tentative release date for Dec 2010.

And I'm proud to have my short story "Am I Crazy?" published last week on Microhorror.com, a real cool site for short and suspensful fiction always under 666 words.