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Friday, August 20, 2010

My latest Short Story "Scratch" is finished

Now the painstaking task of editing, rewriting, chopping away, and finally polishing off before sending it out to find a home. I have a few publishers in mind, but must send it out to one at a time, allowing them to read and decide on whether or not it's something they want. My first choice is an anthology book titled "Fearology 2: Beware All Animals Great and Small" with the "Library of Horror Press."

My story "Scratch" is about an aging, mean old man, who despises anything with fur. And these little critters who've decided to nest in his home, have unfortunately found the wrong place to gather their nuts for the harsh winter to come. Or is it their lucky day?

But this mean old man, Al Fudrucker has a past, one that is going to catch up with him, and these critters are going to play a major role.

If you like a good thrill ride down the unknown, then Scratch may be right up your alley. Nonetheless, be forewarned my curious readers, this is not for those who like to go to bed with the night light on.

I'll let you know when it finds a home!!!

Scratch must be told.

Charles Day
Aka Charlie In The Box

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