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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Case Of The Missing Pumpkins YA Novel in progress

Hey everyone,

After sending my pitch for "The Case Of The Missing Pumpkins" to a yet to be announced publisher, (keeping it my little secret for now) he thought it sounded like something he may be looking for (currently only 30,000 words) but prefered I bring it up to novel status before consideration, which means I have to go back to the drawing board with this one and add some new plots and stretch it out longer. I'm ok with this because when I wrote this Novella, a young adult mystery/thriller, I just wrote down what my characters wanted to share, never realizing when it would end. And there were some plots I didn't enter at the time.

Now that I have revisited this manuscript, that has sat collecting dust for a year or two, I see that Nick, lead character, would enjoy some more time telling his story, and I have a few new twists I'd like to add, just to give him more detective work to do. And so here I go again, back to Halloween Eve, where all the pumpkins on 14 year old Nick's street have disappeared, taken from porches and steps. Could the mean old lady, Mrs. needlewhitter at the corner house, and her mutt be the culprits? Or possibly the neighborhood bully, Lou and his chronies, who've had it out for poor Nick since the story began. Rest assured, whoever it is, Nick and his desire to be the best detective there is one day, is on a mission to find out. Little does he know however, that Halloween will turn out to be the most terrifiying night for him, when everyone's dressed in costumes, and the real suspect could be one of them lurking about in his neighborhood!!

More on this in the next coming weeks!!

Charles Day

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