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Monday, September 27, 2010

REDEMPTION A Novella in Progress

My latest project "Redemption" is in the works with my co-Author Mark Taylor from the UK. We are putting together a Novella combined with two different 20,000 word manuscripts that will inter-relate, with the two main characters subjected to the same horrifying results in the end.

Al Fudrucker and Benny Fairwheather are on their way home from a night of drinking when they accidently hit a poor girl on her bike. She's left to die because Al refuses to stop, fearful of being caught drunk and locked behind bars. However, they made a grave mistake. They should have turned back to help her. Now they will pay the consequences of their actions. Al's story comes first, and then Benny's, in the end it will be the same for both.

We are scheduled to have it completed before the end of the year, with a certain publisher in mind, who we're hoping will be scared out of her socks.

Updates to follow!

"Oh, The Horror" Anthology Book is now available

I'm so excited! Chris Bartholomew's Publishing press Static Movement just made the announcement earlier today that "Oh, The Horror went to print and is now available for purchase at a discounted price until Halloween.

My short story "DEER HEAD" is among the many talented authors who have their short stories in this creepy and exceptional horror anthology. You all know who you are. And I'm even more excited that now I know most of you and I'm ready to read all the great stories, finally.

So grab hold of a copy and be sure to leave your lights on at night after reading!!

Charles Day
Aka Charlie In The Box

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shock Totem "Contest"

I've finished my 1000 word entry in the Shock Totem Flash Fiction Contest that runs for seven days, ending Sept 7th. A locked forum for those who entered by the deadline, we were given a photo and needed to come up with a story that includes what was depicted in the photo. It needs to be the central theme in our stories, in otherwards, if it were to be taken out of your 1000 words, would your story still survive?

I've been chopping away and editing, since my first draft came in 350 words over the max of 1000. I expect to have it polished off and submitted tomorrow.

I"ll keep you posted.