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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Writing Project Updates

Wow, Christmas will be here before we know it. And my goal is to have all my writing endeavors completed and sent out to my publishers and hopefully a few new ones along the way, before I open gifts and spend 11 days home with my family between christmas and new years.

I'm still waiting to hear from Static Movement publishers for my short story "The Maiden" about an urban legend in a certain Lake that has taken the life of one male a year.

As of today, my short story "The Uninvited" is in the hands of a very talented author and editor
with Library of The Living Dead Press, Bill Tucker, waiting to either be accepted or rejected in his upcoming Anthology, Fearology 2. My story involves some unfortunate teens who decide to go out and party hardy on a friday night in a spook house that has a reputation for sending any group of seniors who try and stay the night, home crying with stains in their underwear. A High School urban legend that has been passed down every year as part of a senior ritual, these teens who venture into this haunted house are in for a rude awakening, as they meet evil in the flesh.

My other short story that was just recently submitted to Pill Hill Press, "Daddy's Little Secret" involves a young girl determined to find out what her Father has hidden the attic. Off limits to everyone, Samantha has tried for years to get in, while her father seems to become more and more reclusive each passing month. One day, she finally finds a way in, and what she finds should have never been brought into her home!!

And finally, "Bret's Lovely Garden" and "Melting Snow" were accepted for publication over the summer and they are just waiting to go to the printers with Wicked East Press and Blood Bound Books publishers, respectively.

As for my most exciting project, "Redemption," a co-authored Novella about a young girl who's killed in a hit and run accident, a bunch of rats, an exterminator who does more than just capturing little critters, and two unfortunate friends who should have never left the poor girl to die, is finally near completion. Mark Taylor, a published author who resides in the UK, has told us the story of Benny Fairwhether, the passenger and Al's only friend, and I have the driver Al Fudrucker, who's just a mean old man his whole life, and soon gets what he deserves. Two separate stories, that both collide at the end!

My Novel "Deep Within" is still under considersation with Pill Hill Press, about two psychiatrists who are on a mission to find out the mysterious deaths of a patient and his family, when they encounter something evil up at the Moose Hill Psychiatric Asylum, something that should have never been born.

My works in progress are as follows:

"Lock Down", a Survivor Horror Novel, about a patient who should have never been admitted to an inpatient Psych Unit. Now the staff and about 10 patients are locked on this fourth floor ward with a person who's about to give them one hell of a ride, straight to the twilight zone!!

"The Gift," a short story about a boy who's been bullied over the last couple of years, but when he receives a special birthday gift from his Father this year, a Jack In The Box, his life is about to get better, and those bullies who've been torturing him, they're going to wish they never messed with poor little Jacob. When finished, it's heading over to a writing contest, with a chance to be published in Shock Totem's Magazine, issue 4. Deadline is Halloween.

I also have a non-fiction endeavor in progress, an "Adult Care workshop Series" which is part of my day job. So no rushing this one!

Am I busy? Yep, just a bit. But I love to read and write dark fiction, it's in my blood.

I'll keep you all posted!! And thank's for considering to read one of my stories, you will not be disappointed!

Charles Day

Aka, Charlie in the Box


  1. Hey Charlie! I thought I was busy, but blimey, you've got a lot on your plate! Fingers crossed you get some acceptances ;)

  2. Hey Rev, thanks for stopping on by. Yep, a bit busy, but hoping to take time off around the holifdays for some R&R!!