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Friday, May 10, 2013

I got tagged in this bloggy blog hop thing us authors are circulating around, by a good writer friend of mine, Darren Gallagher. So I did my best to answer the questions that were thrown at me.

What are you working on right now?
I’m currently working toward completing the first draft of my third YA horror novel, IMMORTAL FAMILY, (word count as of today 30,000) under the direct supervision of international best-selling author, Joe Nassise, part of  his 1 year writing coach program. He’s also helping me with my middle-grade horror/fantasy, SUMMER CAMP (word count, 5,000), which is my first jump into the mind of a ten-year-old protagonist, Nathaniel  or Nat as his buddies call him. I’m truly loving this creepy story. I’m feeling all young again.

I’m in final edits with co-author Mark Taylor, on our horror novel, REDEMPTION, which we wrote last year. It’s currently over 60,000 words. When we finish, we’ll begin searching for a publisher/agent.
And finally, Aric Sundquist and I are about ready to start scripting the full color comic series  for THE ADVENTURES OF KYLE MCGERTT, based on my forthcoming YA western, horror/fantasy trilogy that’s being published with Blood Bound Books. We’re just coming up with new characters and fantastic new adventure ideas. Besides having some of the cool villains such as Bart Shires, the Ghoulish Bartender  from the novel series appear in this new comic series, including some of the same story-line  Aric and I are going to introduce my readers of the books to exclusively new adventures and deadly curses that young Kyle will need to destroy, this way you’ll get to ride into the wild west with our hero, unaware of what new perils may await.

I’m also excited that Alter Press is publishing the first novel I ever wrote years ago, while working the late night shift on a secured psychiatric ward. DEEP WITHIN is a 74,000 word horror novel set in the fictitious Moose Hill Psychiatric Hospital. A new evil is born, and now it’s determined to stay alive. So glad it’s finally going to be released later this year, I hope.

What experiences have influenced you?
Just watching so many of my author friends writing novels, getting stories published. It’s a real inspiration to be a part of the creative crowd of friends I’m very fortunate to have. My love of movies, comics, reading, and all my wonderful mentors I aspire to follow in their footsteps, these are the things that continue to influence me.

Why do you write what you do?
I have a sincere passion to tell stories, most of it based on my own crazy and twisted past. However, like in my first YA novel, THE LEGEND OF THE PUMPKIN THIEF, although many of the characters mimic my friends and I growing up, out to cause terror and mayhem in our neighborhood, especially on Halloween night, I added the nasty and evil Pumpkin Thief to spice things up and make a chilling and adventurous novel. 

I always wanted to be a movie director when I was a kid. My friends and I would come up with ideas to play out characters in my backyard, with the dense forest bordering our immense grassy studio. We played out a ton of movies in that backyard. Of course, I always liked to play the villain.
With my writing, I get to direct my characters, play God in a way perhaps. It’s a ton of fun.

How does your writing process work?
I used to just go at it cold, but over time I've been learning to outline and write out as many scenes to my novels-in-progress, on index cards. Being in Joe’s 1 year program has been such a vital investment in my career. He has taught me so much. I’m truly grateful for all he’s done thus far. I think I may enroll again, once I finish in August of this year.

What is the hardest part about writing?
The editing process. I've learned so much with my books, but jeez, it can be such a rigorous and daunting endeavor. However, I take EVERYTHING my editors suggest and learn from it whether or not I agree. I firmly believe that I've become a better writer and my new projects are a reflection of this, as my first drafts are becoming tighter.

What would you like to try as a writer that you haven't yet?

I’m going to be jumping into comic script writing, and I’m excited to be co-scripting my Kyle McGertt adventures. 

I also want to be able to find a publisher who will be on the same board as me with some of my future works, by allowing me to post a few illustrations-black & white is okay to save costs- of my characters. I love drawing and I'm practicing whenever I can. Drawing on napkins, those sort of "whenever I can," times.

Who are the authors you most admire?
Oh hell, there are just too many. If I had to only choose one right now, my favorite is Joe Hill.  And I admire so many comic writers too. But many of my writer friends know I read and review books from new authors and seasoned pros, so I’m just not going to name any here, as they’re too many.

Who are new authors to watch out for?
If you mean new as in they've only put out one or two books like me, then I can say
Susan Harris Dorsey
Suzanne Robb
JD Stone
Maria Dougherty-Divo

 What scares you?
The crazy and terrible things that happens in our world. How cruel some individuals can be to each other, killing and hurting innocent people. That is REAL horror, and I despise it with all my heart.

And now, since I was told I have to tag three victims in this blog posting frenzy, I tag
Scott Pratt
Keith Milstead
Linda Ackerson

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