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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Plan by Charles Day

I'm excited to announce that my Mystery/Conspiracy novelette "The Plan," has been accepted for publication with Naked Snake Press. For only $2.99 it's now available at

Frankie is about to come into a large, large amount of money. He listened in on a secret, and now he’s devised a plan to retrieve these unmarked bills. He needs to get this cash before those he heard it from get to it first, and he’s going to bring a few of his friends in to help him collect it. They will be needed in order for his plan to work.

Nonetheless, his plan is not going to be easy, and he’s not even sure he trusts his buddies to keep things under the radar once they get a hold of this loot. Especially, Fat Lou!

As things progress, Frankie will soon find out he’s made a grave mistake and will have to pay the ultimate price.

The Plan is full of mystery, suspense and a conspiracy that should have never came to be.
Welcome to Frankie’s twisted and dark world.

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